Sikhs profess a religion in one single Jesus, individual equality, common like and you may honest performs

Nearly all India’s really winning stars was in fact Muslims, for instance the around three Khans: Shah Rukh, Aamir and you may Salman. Shah Rukh advised National Geographical, “It’s very unusual one from inside the a good Hindu nation for example Asia it consider myself because the Goodness. Muslims just rock regarding the flick business.” The guy told you. “The Hindu-Muslim partition never ever took place on Indian motion picture community. It’s completely secular-they welcomes people having unlock arms.”

Sikh Character

They worth value to possess elders, generosity, kindness, mercy, modesty, people, family relations, power, monogamy and you can leading a healthy lifestyle. Sikhs features a track record to be hardworking, effective, committed and you can intense fighters. It take satisfaction in becoming the fresh new “best growers, competitors, advertisers and you can players” and tend to be ashamed from bringing hands outs.

Sikhs envision on their own a beneficial “folks of the book.” They avoid alcohol and follow a rigorous ethical code and regulations which can be like those of Islam. He is essentially one or two kinds of Sikhs: of those was in fact initiated regarding the Khalsa Panth and ascribe to the newest “Four Ks” and you will “sahajdhari”, lay those who don’t entirely proceed with the password regarding perform but are approved because Sikhs once they respect this new pros, show dedication and you will take part in worship.

New Sikh playwright and you can critic, Kaur Bhatti had written; “new fallibility out of human instinct means that easy Sikh principals regarding equivalence, mercy and modesty are sometimes thrown away in favor of outward looks, money additionally the quest for electricity.” Sikhs are now and again brand new butts out-of Polack sort of jokes told through most other Indians.

The newest “Khalsa” military fraternity out-of orthodox Sikhs reigns over Sikh personal existence. They strictly proceed with the Sikh password from make and undergo an excellent baptism. Their people is known as “amritdhari” (“those who have gone through baptism”). Beginning in this new eighteenth millennium Sikhs was basically taught to take notice of the Khalsa Panth, or perhaps the “Five K’s,” as signs of allegiance toward Sikh society. They are: 1) “kesh” (having uncut tresses); 2) “kangha “(holding the hair in place which have a clean so you can remind Sikhs of its stewardship commitments and represent practices); 3) “kirpan “ (sporting a dagger in order to symbolize the battle against injustice); 4) “kara” (using a steel bangle to represent the new unbroken link with Jesus and symbolize responsibility); and you can 5) “kachh” (putting on a different underwear that resembles breaches that don’t go lower than brand new lower body to signify sanitation, physical exercise about his and sexual fidelity).

Sikhs respect locks as symbolic of God’s imaginative charm. Devout Sikhs accept that no hair towards any area of the body is are reduce. Beards is actually uncut and you will turbans are necessary to coverage new uncut locks.

Bengali Profile

Bengalis think it’s great when notice s focused on the code, culture and you will achievement. It bristle in the issue off Calcutta. Paul Theroux authored on the “High Railway Bazaar”, “Bengalis was basically the absolute most aware individuals I had came across inside the India. However they was also moody, chatty, dogmatic, conceited and you can humorless, holding forward having harmful skill into nearly all topic but new way forward for Calcutta.”

Bengalis enjoys a track record to possess preferring to sit up to and you will chat unlike works. Bengali workers are recognized for popping up later, going house very early and you may using most of their date at idly chatting.

Brand new Bengali poet and you will novelist Sunil Gangopadhyay informed the latest York Moments, “The audience is a difficult some one. We like to manufacture so we want to cam. Specific would say i correspond with much. And if 2 or 3 people meet up, it end all of the work, and start speaking non-stop.” A good bureaucratic from Uttar Pradesh advised the York Times, “When the you’ll find 10 Bengalis, you will find 11 viewpoints. The fresh Bengali may have zero dining on the table, however, they are out-of arguing someplace in regards to the Vietnam Combat and/or past book he’s got discover or whether it’s a great tip adjust all signboard in town out of Calcutta so you’re able to Kolkata.”