Latina Family’ Identification that have and Societal Comparison in order to Moms and dads for the Teenager Mommy

Nicole Martins

Anne E. Norris (Ph.D., College or university out of Wisconsin–Madison, 1988) is a College or university regarding Miami College away from Breastfeeding and you may Fitness Training Emeritus Professor. The lady search hobbies are developmental, social, and you may social mental has an effect on one join high-risk safer gender decisions, and how to design treatments you to benefit from the usage of men and women impacts to promote safer sex choices, together with slowing down initiation of gender.

Nicole paign, 2008) are a part teacher regarding Mass media College or university during the Indiana School. Their research interests through the societal and you may emotional outcomes of the fresh new media for the youth.


A study are conducted having lower income Latina children (M = years of age) to look at the ways where exposure, character with, and you can personal evaluation in order to teen parents featured towards the MTV system Teen Mom swayed thinking with the teenager pregnancy. Analyses indicated that individuals who understood that have and you can checked around the brand new teen moms and dads to the Teenager Mommy was in fact less likely to want to believe conceiving a child was embarrassing, an awful skills, or prevent them off finding the hopes and dreams. The personality and upward personal testing procedure observed right here stretch men and women observed in prior search around the cultural, money, and you can cultural differences. Implications regarding the probably aftereffects of portrayals of teen motherhood for the Teenager Mom are chatted about.

Teen pregnancy was a historical public health issue, especially in the us, in which the adolescent maternity rate was most higher than various other western places (Sedgh, Better, Bankole, Eilers, & Singh, 2015). Also, the latest teenager maternity price in the usa consistently may differ with each other racial, cultural, and you will geographical contours (Romero ainsi que al., 2016) and you will adolescent birth cost to possess Hispanic and you may Hispanic kids was in fact a great deal more than just twice that of White teenagers inside 2017. There are a selection out of bad public and you may economic effects related that have teenager parenthood, as well as a heightened likelihood of shedding out-of high school to possess moms and dads (; Perper, Peterson, & Manlove, 2010), down acquired work income getting dads (Brien & Willis, 2008) and much more wellness complications for children (Hoffman, 2008). Consequently, many methods to prevent teen pregnancy was in fact employed because of the colleges, neighborhood centres, places of worship, and you will clinics all over the country (CDC, 20step one9). step 1

Of interest is the exacerbating determine media blogs, particularly teen mom facts programming, might have towards teen pregnancy due to its effect on maternity-relevant attitudes, values, and you will routines (e.g., Aubrey, Behm-Morawitz, & Kim, 2014; ). The teen mommy team out-of truth television coding into the MTV has come a recommendations juggernaut considering that the first bout of sixteen and you may Expecting transmit in 2009. Since that time, several spinoffs keeps suffered the fresh franchise’s dominance, which have incorporated this new applications Teen Mom, Adolescent Mom dos, Adolescent Mommy step 3, Teen Mommy British, and you can Teen Mom: Younger and you may Expecting. Which subgenre from truth programming is continuing to grow some other wire systems eg TLC, which has just shown the next 12 months away from Unexpected. While they state they depict the actual products and you can tribulations away from are a young mother, some of these programs enjoys hitched having pregnancy protection groups inside their outreach. TLC partnered which have Power to paign to get rid of unplanned pregnancy (Malone, 2018) and you may announced one to Unanticipated may help people has healthy conversations about sex and you can dating. In 2009, 16 and you will Pregnant try credited to your get rid of into the teenager pregnancy prices because of the Federal Promotion to avoid Adolescent and Unexpected Pregnancy (Dinh, dos010). 2

Even with some of the personal crediting it subgenre from reality coding once the having a deterrent influence Mesa escort on teen pregnancy (Kearney & Levine, 2015), there is certainly expanding evidence you to teenager mom coding influences audiences’ thinking for the teenager maternity and philosophy on the being a teenager mother in the opposite assistance. Indeed, such coding may actually encourage self-confident perceptions on teenager pregnancy (Aubrey mais aussi al., 2014; ; ). These conclusions be more disturbing given that teenager mommy coding needs more youthful viewers very at risk for adolescent pregnancy.