A quick a review of the present day female dater offered all of us a typical age and physical information, a list of usual needs and wants, and a look into just what 21st century women look for in someone.

Nowadays it’s the perfect time for all the men to make period.

Who’s the common male dater in 2010? Let us meet him!

A man of Types

Making use of a similar test size with the women (75,000 people), match determined that the normal male Match.com individual:

  • is actually 25-30 yrs old (24per cent).
  • Is 5’10” high (16percent).
  • Provides dark brown locks (31%) and blue-eyes (40%).
  • Opinions his frame as average (46percent), though above a quarter (29per cent) of participants said they’ve been nicely toned and sports.
  • Is actually easygoing (43per cent), but much less sociable than the ordinary girl (4%).
  • Is actually smart (53% have a qualification, in contrast to 15percent from the common male population from the UK).
  • Enjoys vacation most importantly other pursuits, accompanied by films, conversation, and eating dinner out.
  • More than likely works during the that area (16per cent), is freelance (14percent), or occupies a management character (13percent).

And that is the average man’s ideal woman? Based on multiple-choice responses, the woman is of typical establish (86%), provides shoulder-length (93%), blonde (87per cent) locks, is easygoing (89per cent), and possesses a good sense of humor (80percent).

  • It appears that Marilyn Monroe was correct when she asserted that “Gentlemen want Blondes,” though they also like dark (85per cent) and light (78per cent) brunettes. Black locks scored 79per cent, with girls with red hair at 59percent.
  • Men had a very clear choice for long hair. Shoulder-length locks was available in at 93percent, long-hair ended up being preferred by 90per cent for the test, and also long hair was actually popular with 65percent.
  • Skinny (85percent) and sports (80per cent) bodies were regarded as one particular appealing, but try not to begin depriving yourselves, ladies – 65percent of males appreciated women holding many extra few pounds.
  • Guys appear go along with females that vision are a person’s many appealing feature (77per cent). Additionally on top of the desirable attributes list are “laugh” (76percent), “a lovely bottom” (54percent), “nice legs” (52per cent), and “a pleasant belly key” (13per cent).
  • The ideal woman likes to dine out, and enjoys songs, gigs, cinema, and hanging out on club.

given that we have came across the common gents and ladies of Match.com, we are prepared move on to more technical topics. Within the next parts of all of our review, we’ll explore the way the residents associated with the UNITED KINGDOM and Ireland view best gay dating site, relationship, and love, and in addition we’ll meet “a new strain of practical passionate, the ‘Pragmatic.'”

For more information on this well-known internet dating service, look for the report about Match.com for any UNITED KINGDOM.